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Well Under Way ~ Christmas At The Falls

Today is December 6th and we are already well into the 2022 version of Christmas at the falls. Hard to believe that time passes so fast.

You see, CATF is our biggest event of the year and this year is even more special and important to us here at the Falls. This is what we have worked for for nearly a year.

This past year has been a very stressful year for us. We undertook a major construction project getting the new trains ready for CATF and doing so was not as easy as we had hoped.

We had to take up every track, re-elevate the path, alter the course or the train, tear down two platforms, redesign our main platform, update electricity throughout the park and lay down new asphalt once everything was ready. In addition, we had to put up over two million lights in the middle of a construction zone.

But we made it. We opened at 4:00pm on Thanksgiving Night to a near full house. We had a few stumbles of course. Who wouldn’t have? But we made it!!

I’d like to take a few lines here to publicly thank a few people.

First of all, the entire staff at Noccalula Falls. Folks, this park is a group effort. It is as simple as that. We are proud of our park and we will move mountains to make it the best we can. These are the best folks in the world to work, play, argue, and be with. Thank you all.

Chance Rides, the manufacturers of our trains. They have bent over backwards to accommodate us in our effort to open on time with trains running. Thank you guys.

To the crews that did construction, laid the rails, performed the monumental tasks required to lay underground electricity through a foundation of bedrock, and made this project work! Hat’s off to you guys!

And finally, thanks to the only person here to be named by name. Thank you Christina Richardson for your leadership. What you have managed this year is nothing less than heroic. Your leadership, poise, grace, and strength does not go unnoticed. From all of us, Thank you for being you, You are the glue that holds us together.

And now for the most important people in the world to us. You, our customers and patrons. We made it a little tough on you this year and yet you supported us and you believed in us and you waited patiently for us to give you an even better park experience. Thank you for your continued support.


From all of us to all of you, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! May you have the greatest holiday season ever!!

Please join us for Christmas at the Falls Now through Christmas Eve. We will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas, reopening December 26th and running until New Years Night. Get you tickets here,

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