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Check This Out!!

This post is sort of an extra post, or an addition to the one I did the other day about our new trains. I really just wanted to document the delivery of our second train to the tacks here at Noccalula Falls Park. It’s been a  long journey for this here train. She’s a show train and as such has been the shining example of how good an electric train can be.

I have to say that as the Train Manager, it does my heart good to see everyone at the Falls so excited because of these new trains. Not one day goes by that I don’t have someone here in the park tell me that they want to learn to drive the train. It’s wonderful.

Anyway, as I type they are putting the engine (#409) on the tracks. It will be tested a bit before being re-coupled to the cars that you all will ride on. I’ll place a few pics below showing the engine being added to the line.

ALSO!!! And this is cool!! Our train arrived with a special guest. He wanted to see Noccalula Falls before continuing his journey on the Phoenix Arizona, where he will live out his life making children happy (or maybe scared a bit, Lol). Scroll down to see the pics of our one day guest. I think you might be surprised.


Reminder: Christmas at the Falls opens officially on Thanksgiving night!! Tickets are only available for purchase online at Come ride the new trains with us!! (if you’d like a preview of Christmas at the Falls, we are having an event for animal owners Tomorrow Night (Tuesday November 22nd, 2022. Tickets are available at the website provided above.



And now for our special guest!!

a car engine

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