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Noccalula Falls Trivia – Round 0Ne

Noccalula Falls as a Public Park

Did you know that Noccalula Falls was not established as a park in the City of Gadsden until 1953. The land for the park had been purchased from the R.E. Mitchell family back in the 1940’s, but it took nine more years to plan, create, and open the park. Before that time, the land had been owned by various people throughout the area.

You can still see remnants of opening day 1953 all around the park. If you are on the Jack’s parking lot side you will find the two original plaques on the columns of the first entrance to the park.

Millions of people have visited the Park since 1953 and have witnessed many changes over the years. That’s not about to stop either. We have so many different projects in various stages of planning it would take an hour to outline them all. What we want you to know is that as we approach our 70th Anniversary, we aren’t resting on our laurels. Moving forward, we want to continue our growth and our desire to give Gadsden a park, campground, meeting facilities, and place to go to enjoy the scenery.