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July 2022 News And Notes

a sign on a pole


The longest day of the year is behind us so technically, we are now headed for winter. Until then though, we still have plenty of fun things coming up for the rest of the year.

July is a slow month for us project-wise because so many folks take time off from work to enjoy the holiday on the fourth as well as a vacation before summer ends. As such, we tend to work on planning and getting ready for our upcoming events (more on those to follow).

The big news for July is our continuing effort to get our trains up and running. Throughout the rest of summer, you will see construction ramp up on the trains. I mean a lot of work is coming so pardon our progress!! We are re-elevating the train track bed as well as installing new crossties. That work will be followed by the laying of the new rails.

We can’t wait!

So get ready for the coming months. We have plenty of plans for your enjoyment. More on that to follow.

Check back with us soon and have a safe and happy summer.