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Big News!! The Trains Are Here!!

I have been waiting to write this post for so long!! Our Trains arrived earlier this week, just as the new track was being completed. We have tested one complete train so far and the training has begun for all the train drivers.


I’m going to post a bunch of new photos below, but before you see them I wanted to share a few facts about the trains.

  1. Our trains were made by Chance Rides of Wichita, KS. They were designed and manufactured here in the USA and are scaled replicas of the original 1863 C.P Huntington Locomotives.
  2. Our trains consists of one all electric engine and 4 passenger cars. One of the trains is specially set up to be used for those patrons needing mobility acceptability.
  3. Our standard passenger train is set up to hold 56 adults and 28 children. (Our mobility car reduces that number slightly on the second train).
  4. These trains were designed for safety and reliability.
  5. Now for a few fun facts: Since this is an all electric train, there is very little noise when the train is running. In order to make the train more conventional, it has a built in sound system that reproduces the sound of a running locomotive.
  6. Same goes for the train whistle. The whistle sound is reproduced by its own sound system.

Now for a few thoughts as a train manager.

These trains are awesome. I drove one around this morning in the rain and even that was enjoyable! These trains have all of the drivers excited to show them off to you. To a person, I’ve never seen so much excitement. The trains are engineered so well that we can spend more time giving you the best experience possible and less time worrying about the trains themselves.

And wow, enjoy a few pictures I have taken over the past few days. (I also included one showing the work being done on the Gift Shop train platform.

a close up of a car the engine of a train a train that is sitting on a cart a close up of a treea blender sitting on top of a table