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August Happenings Around The Falls

Hello again fans of Noccalula Falls. Here is a brief summary of a list of happenings in and around the Falls.

We just finished the World’s Longest Yard Sale (which officially begins every year right here at Noccalula Falls) and it was a great success. People from all over the country stopped by and shopped the thousands of bargains and left as happy as can be. Just a note for next year; if you are considering renting a spot from us next year, you might want to purchase early, as they are prone to sell out well before the actual event.

a group of people standing on a lush green field a group of lawn chairs sitting on top of a grass covered field


Next up, our latest Train Update. We are well into the construction of the new train track bed and electrical work for the new trains. As you can see from the pictures below, the track crew has almost flattened out and removed the old track bed and are getting ready to build up  the new one. This is done to insure the new trains, which are a bit wider and have an additional car on each train, have a new surface to ride on. The work is progressing as planned and like you, we are really excited to see so much happening for the trains. More to follow in the next update.

a tree in a parking lot a tree on a dirt road a group of giraffe standing next to a forest

And finally, here is some more big news!! Our Christmas team has begun the process of putting up our Christmas lights for this year’s Christmas at the Falls. We have to begin in August because there are so many lights this year that if we hadn’t already started we wouldn’t finish in time. We have a few surprises in store for you this year so make sure you come and join us beginning Thanksgiving Night 2022 and running through January 1st, 2023.

a tree in a park

That’s all for now but please make sure to check back soon for more updates!!