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Moving Forward Is A “Step-At-A-Time” Process

Under the great leadership of our Parks and Recreation Department, as well as the Mayor and City Council, Noccalula Falls Park and Campground continues to grow and move into the future, all while keeping an eye on the past and the history of our park.

We have some really exciting projects going on right now and more to come in the future.

First off, we have finished our Mini Golf re-carpeting project. All 18 holes plus the practice green were redone with brand new carpet, flags and seating areas. If you haven’t been to our Mini Golf Course, you need to check it out. It is challenging as well as fun and has never looked so good. The prices are great too!!

Next, we are heading into the final preparation days for our new Animal Habitat Barn. as you may remember, we suffered a devastating loss back in may of 2021 when a fire completely destroyed our original barn. It is a day that we here at the Falls will never forget and to be honest, we still haven’t recovered. So here is some great news. Bids have been assigned and budgets approved for the new facility and work is finally about to get underway.

As you visit the park over the next few months you are sure to see the new barn taking shape. We can’t wait.

Another project is our new Train Station and Maintenance Shed. When we originally planned to purchase the all new trains a few years back, the money we allocated originally included a new station and shed. Then Covid happened and we froze all of our money just in case everything went poorly.

Once the pandemic lifted, we proceeded with the new train purchases, minus the replacement buildings. Flash forward to this year and we have decided to finish off the Train Project once and for all. The new station will be in approximately the same location as our old one (located just behind the Gift Shop) and will feature some much needed improvements over previous platforms. Most importantly, the station will feature a cover that will serve to protect the new trains from the weather as well as our park guest.

The station will also have a series of fans for the summer as well as heaters for the colder months. The Maintenance Shed will fully cover the second train when it is not in use. Both locations will be fitted with electric chargers for the trains.

Work has already begun and should be completed in time for the Christmas at the Falls event, which runs from Thanksgiving Night 2023 until New Years Night 2024 (with the exception of Christmas Eve night and Christmas night). In the meantime, the train will only be operating Saturday and Sunday until the holidays.

So as you can see, it is a really busy time and we are moving forward to make the park the best it can be. Keep checking back to see our progress. And one last thing, please hang in there with us while we work. After all, we want you to have a place to come and be proud of!